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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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nd -- and from the air. . this is kpix 5 news. flames move up and around a hillside, threatening homes. the attack on the ground and from the air to keep this grass fire away from people. and thousands flock to the water to watch the start of the america's cup final. why some say it took a while to get people interested. and can't go over it, the serious fear keeping some people from crossing the bay bridge. good evening, the bay area is feeling the heat. even people in san francisco enjoyed sun. around the goodyear bridge, paul, we're not done yet (we're not finished yet. inland spots again triple-digits. some of you made it to 100, livermore you hit 100. napa phot close, hive 97, san josi 95. more telling are the areas that aren't typically warm or hot,
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you got there today. oakland 88 degrees, tieing richmond, richmond you hit 88 degrees. san francisco downtown warmest day of the summer, high of 83 and even half moon bay you hit the mid-70s. if you came into the city, you saw some great weather, for most us the high pressure dome is not moving and the heat is going to say. one exception, look at golden gate, fog and drizzle is moving in. for some of you heat is finished and for others there is more to go. firefighters had to deal with that heat as they worked to keep a fast-moving grass fire way from homes? a. 100 firefighters responded to the four-alarm fire, which blackened 40 acres. it broke out on san bruno mountain this afternoon. kpix 5 brian webb told us that people living near the fire
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heard it come. >> reporter: the south side of san bruno mountain burst into flames, dry conditions and a stiff wind sweeping the grass fire uphill. >> was kind of scary because i have never seen flames that big in person. >> reporter: the smoke from south san francisco could be seen for miles, on the ground, several homes sitting in the fire's path. you could seen feel the heat from across the road. raj nikeer shot this videon his cell phone. how bad did it get? >> it was pretty bad. >> reporter: self residents reported hearing a large pop possibly coming from one of power lines along hillside boulevard. so far the best clue of what might have started it fire. >> our investigators are at scene right now and they are trying to determine the cause from that report. >> reporter: 100 firefighters with a couple of airplanes and a helicopter fought back the flames keeping it contained to about 40 acres. >> the work the firemen did was absolutely incredible when
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you saw the pilots with the helicopters and planes and the work that they did are to be commended. >> reporter: power in the area was out for about an hour, but there were no evacuations and no buildings burned. residents at base of san bruno mountain dodged a bullet, brian webb, kpix 5. >> and oakland firefighters put out a fire in a 19-floor apartment near lake merritt. it took them less than half an hour to deal with it. there is no word on a cause and no one was hurt. >> now to the crisis in syria, thousand marched calling on coition congress to vote no on military intervention. in san francisco a large crowd moved down market street chanting and holding signs. they say they want to stop a war against syria before it starts, but others had a
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different view. >> free syria. >> the northern california consent of syrian american council held a counterrally in union square this afternoon. they support u.s. intervention and say allowing the conflict in syria to continue will result in more deaths and destruction. and san francisco is just one of many u.s. cities where people rallied over the crisis in syria. meanwhile as marlie hall reports the obama administration continues to make its case for a military strike. >> reporter: from los angeles to washington, d.c., to new york city, people protests against president obama's plan to use military force in syria. >> it's the wrong time, the wrong place, the wrong efforts. >> the administration buy the principles it claims to uphold should listen to the people of the u.s. and the world. >> reporter: the obama administration may not be able to change the minds of these demonstrators, but the president will be working hard
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over the next few days to make the change to all-americans that syria needs to be held accountability. white house says syrian president bashar al-assad's regime killed more than a thousand civilians in a chemical weapons attack and also calling on members of congress to convince them to support his plan. >> failing to respond to this outrageous attack would increase the chances an attack could happen again. >> reporter: senate is expected to take a key vote on wednesday on his request to use military force. secretary of state john kerry is pushing for international approval. >> this is not the time to be silent spectators slaughter. >> reporter: saturday leaders in european union called for a clear and strong response, but want to delay military action until united nations inspectors release their report about what happened in syria. marlie hall for cbs news, new
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york. house minority leadership nancy pelosi supports use of force in syria and at an event today she said it's important that the u.s. take action. >> stopping the use of weapons of mass destruction is a pillar of our national security. assad security regime used that and it cannot continue. >> president obama will address the nation regarding syria on tuesday night, one day before kg. starts voting on his request. the fire near yosemite has burned nearly 393 square miles. officials say it has cost more than $89 million to fight so far and it will cost tens of millions more to repair the environmental damage. a bill that would require
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local approval for gun shows to to be held at cow palace is on it's way to governor jerry brown. say the senate gave final approval to the bill sponsored by san francisco senator mark leno. it would give them the authority to decide if guns and ammunition can be sold at cow palace. governor brown has until october 13th to act on the bill. the america's cup continues tomorrow with two more races. after day one, emirates team new zealand is in the lead. they swept both races today against oracle team usa. new zealand needs receive more wins to claim the oldest trophy in international sports. and the nice weather helped to draw boat and sailing fans to san francisco waterfront. kpix 5 reporter has more on the record crowds 'a summer of
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america's cup sailing dueled drums it dold drums it looks like it has picked up. >> it's historic, you know? this is the first day, the first race. so everything else has been a warm-up. >> here we go. >> reporter: looks to me you are oracle fans. >> you bet i'm an oracle fan. >> reporter: you are on a bike. >> i'm trying to get hard to a focal point so i can watch. >> reporter: super bowl of yacht racing, but some seemed interested in other things. >> it's a hot day. it's a perfect san francisco days that we always wish for. >> reporter: it's a real event out there, the america's cup. >> we're trying to figure out exactly what is going on. >> reporter: that is the kind of indifference america'scum promoters never cemented able to overcome and why the estimate of $1.4 billion
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economic impact was revised. it was not convinced that the regatta benefited san francisco significantly. >> never seen quite as much infrastructure for a sport so little watched. >> reporter: what brought out the crowds today? was it the event or the great san francisco weather? perhaps a bit of both you guys are still not sitting down and watching, but riding your bikes. >> we saw them come around the curb and it was phenomenal. we want to see them get into the meat. >> reporter: there were lots of great areas to watch from the greens, but if you come, come early because it's the parking that is hard to get. san francisco, don knapp kpix 5. some critics say that cutting-edge sport ism
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becoming to too exclusive even for them. >> t-was big money before and this time around it's mega money. think people just said this is too hard for me. i can't win. >> i think you can look at many sport and look at in fact, and look at formula one, you can look at a polo team. you can spend that kind of money on a lot of different teams. >> just four teams competed this year. that is the fewest in modern cup history. america's cup series runs through september 21st. we now know which city will host the 2020 summer olympics. >> tokyo [applause] >> tokyo's olympic bid committee celebrated after today's announcement in argentina, the city was seen as a safe and reliable choice, beating out istanbul and madrid. new or not, a bay area native
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says she is avoiding the bay bridge and, in fact, -- . >> what about the golden gate? >> i have never again over the golden gate bridge. >> the phobia that has had wolwoman and woman and others going around the bridge.
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people were waitin . so you count down on new year's eve or a shuttle lift- off bus in palo alto some are waiting to shop. >>5, 4, 3, 2, 1! [ applause ] >> hundreds came to the opening of the redesigned apple store at stanford shopping center. the new 12,000 square foot building and some spent hours to be the first through doors and one man got there around 6:00 a.m. >> i thought the turnout would be like new york seven years ago and giving support to apple. >> apple is expected to unveil it's newest iphone on tuesday and could go on sale later month. this is the first weekend people are able to drive on the new eastern span of the bay bridge and plenty are going
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across. chopper 5 was over the bridge this afternoon and you can see it was busy in both directions, but no major problem were reported. but some drivers will never have to sit through the traffic because they will necessity be on the bay brumor any another span. tony lopez talks to a san francisco woman whose bridge phobia keeps her going a long way. >> she was on a bridge and that is the last place she wanted to be. >> you could swear -- i know it's not true, but i could swear that the bridge is moving are we were move big foot ovsacramento's tower bridge. it was out of the question for suzan who suffered from the phobia of bridge phobia. >> there are even people who avoid going across bridges at all, or maybe have to hire someone to take them across the
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bridge, which is extremely inconvenient and needless to stay. >> reporter: and needless say? >> reporter: ato say, as for the drivers who crossed the newest span of the bridge. good for them, but i'm not going to do it of. >> reporter: she was willing to give this a go. you tell me and we can go back. is your fear it will collapse or there will be an earthquake (yes. >> reporter: it's an anxiety? >> no, i'm getting nervous now. >> reporter: should we go back? >> as long as i can look that way. >> reporter: she was looking forward to getting off the bridge, truth be told, but she also has her sights set up going to san francisco this weekend. no, she won't be crossing this. >> i'm taking the long way from sacramento to san jose and from san josi to san francisco
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on the train. >> whole trip are take her about seven hours. most of the larger bridges in the country, including the bay bridge and golden gate bridge have services to get people across. today's heat, we found these people walking the dogs and enjoying the lack of fog and win in san francisco. this was one of the cooler spots, meteorologist paul in tonight. >> as it rare -- it's too hot in the financial district in san francisco. i have to actually get to the beach to cool off. >> there was no way to escape the heat. >> mid to upper 70s. if you were hot today, chances you will be hot tomorrow. bay bridge traffic got a bit better, but the lack of cloud
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cover still there. the berkeley and oakland hills and from the new span of the bay bridge. we do have some fog, some drizzle being reported along the golden gate bridge. that is a sign that the marine layer inched closer to the coastline and those at coast tomorrow or in the city are in for a cooler day than what you have over the past couple of days, concord, 72. 71 for san josi, off your high of 95. livermore at 76 and santa rosa, you are down to 63 degrees. look at oakland, past couple of days near 90, several days before that, near normal, but it got even warmer today. overnight tonight, we'll cool down, 63 for vallejo, san josi, 64, redwood city, 62, sun comes up at 6:46. speaking of sunday, week 169
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nfl, packers-niners last home- opener at stick. looking at sunny and warm conditions. it's not going to be chilly, but it's also not going to be as warm as today. fremont, high of 83. cooler on monday with a high of 80. here is the setup, the ridge of high pressure that got us hot today will keep you hot tomorrow and keep you pretty warm on monday as well. it's a process that takes 3-4 days to get that high. to the east allowing an area of low pressure to the south to bring back a marine layer and bring back that cool ocean influence to the bay area. by the middle of next week we're back to tomorrow, but toasty tomorrow and monday. we'll get back to normal if you are not a fan of the heat, we're back cooler by tuesday and wednesday. livermore, another day in the triple-digits, 14 degrees above average. 90s for san josi, palo alto in
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the mid-80s and widespread 90s for walnut creek, san ramon, napa, 94. san francisco, 75 degrees, kent field 89, san rafael 90. extended forecast we're still kind of warm monday, back to schools, kids will be toasty out there for recess. wednesday we're back to normal and we'll stay there for a while. kind of out of that comfort zone for a lot of folkser to. >> looking forward to next weekend. >> yes. >> thank you. so stanford cal, san josi state all in action tonight. >> college football is like my favorite candy, i jut cannot get enough of it. it's all on the menu, snacking on cal and huge national rivalry and 5th-ranked stanford football and quarterback kevin hogan in primetime. ,,,,
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queen mattresses now start at just $599. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. sale ends sunday. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. football match- ups between stanford and san jose state. if it's over after tonight.. might as well be in prime time... qb kevin hogan wasted no time d . no more scheduled football match-ups between stanford and san josi state, so if it's truly over after tonight, might as well be in primetime. kevin hogan with the 40-yard strike. cardinals up 7-0. that is beautiful. that is how you draw it up on the board and welcome back tyler gaffney. just off tackle, a race to the
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corner 17-16 at halftime. second half, all cardinals. montgomery, touchdown! stanford wins it 34-13. to get their 2013 off and running. jared goff the outstanding freshman quarterback for cal and one-handed grab from maurice harris. hello. bears rally from a deficit to portland state. they were up 24-20, but here come from the pesky vikings crashing in. now cal trails by 3. you see the score. end of the 3rd quarter but here we go. goff down to the near sign and throws it and it works to richard rodgers. excuse me, i have to score, 75- yard play, cal comes back and wins it 37-30, goff 485 yards in the air and two touchdowns.
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jeff ackerson iii out of grenada high school, notre dame in the big house at michigan. and jeremy gallon took advantage of the not so crisp tackling of the irish. it is is michigan in this one, 41-30 in front of 115,000. that is why they call it the big house, folks. still to come, baseball. yoenis cespedes and the swinging a's. ,,,,,, unbelievable.
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we'll know in 20 games... astros ..chris carter, last . how do you feel about the oakland a's zeroing in on the al west title? sounds good. we'll know in about 20 games astro's chris carter, one of seven strike-out victims of dan straily. straily didn't give up a run either, that is how good he was. yoenis cespedes, he has got the stick back. home run no. 22. the a's led 1-0. 8th inning, 2-1a's. doolittle, gets brandon barnes trying to steal 3rd, no, no, no, doolittle got the flyout to end it for the his first save of the season. the a's lead the al west by a game and a half. >> over to the
11:28 pm
giants, matt cain, seven innings gets chavez swinging. giants down 2-1 in the 8th. got to love this play pagan runs it down. it looks like trouble. flips it to brandon crawford. finds hector sanchez, guys have a seat -- you are out! that is a terrific play. giant's bats silenced by brandon mccarthy. excuse me. diamondbacks win, final 2-1. >> to my hometown, richmond, virginia. that is where the nascar boys were under the lights. ryan newman, but smoke out of back of the car, that can't be good. on the restart from the caution
11:29 pm
flag, after that little pit- stop bugaboo, carl edwards took the lead and wins the race. usually when the 99 car winds you get the backflip. carl edwards winner tonight. off to tennis, u.s. men's open, classic djokovic takes care of wawrinka to get to the finals against rafael nadal who made quick work of richard gasquet, u.s. open finals tomorrow. speaking of tomorrow, are you ready for some football? raiders bright and early at 10:00, visiting andrew luck
11:30 pm
9.5-point underdogs, against the intuition indianapoliss colts. >> thank you, fred. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you ate in a bowl-- back in your college days. hundreds of people in torrae -- in l-a county -- wait . lining up it eat ramen, but not the kind you ate in a bowl back in your college days, hundreds of people in torrance, l.a. county waited in line to try
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the ram yep burger made way grouped beef patty and two pan- fried ramen patties in place of the bun. it made its debt at a food feast in brooklyn and already a few restaurants in the bay area are selling them. >> what do you think? are you in? & i will give it a try. >> you are? >> it's like you are waiting for the bread to be there and it's noodles it could be kind freaky. >> you ate ramen as a college kid-yes. >> are you out? >> it depends how adventurous i feel. >> have at it college kids. good night. ,,
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